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When you buy from The Barnyard you are buying from a locally owned and operated business that has been at the same location for 30 years.  We care about our customers and their buildings, and our construction methods and materials are top quality.  We don’t compromise or cut corners and we stand behind our buildings.  Our ability to customize and create solutions for unique needs sets us apart.  You will be treated in a friendly and respectful manner, and we will do our best to help you select the building, price, and payment options that best suit your needs.

The Barnyard is located just east of Farmington, New Mexico. Our facility and sales yard is conveniently located at 550 County Road 350, 2 miles north of US Highway 64 and 5.6 miles south of NM Highway 516.

We are located about 9 miles east of downtown Farmington, 8 miles west of Bloomfield, and 10 miles southwest of Aztec, New Mexico.

We offer Rent to Own (RTO) through BLI Rentals and financing through GreenSky. Credit decisions can be delivered in seconds, and approved customers receive a GreenSky account number and loan agreement from the lender. The entire process is paperless with fast approvals and same-day financing.

We will be happy to discuss your financing options with you at our shed yard.

Site prep is the responsibility of the customer, as we are not equipped to do dirt work. The area needs to be flat and level, but can be bare ground, gravel, a concrete slab, blocks, or even grass. Fine gravel often works best for grading and filling. Blocks can be used, but are not necessary as the skids are pressure treated and rated for ground contact. Blocks also may have to be moved to allow the truck or trailer to back into the site. The larger the building, the more important it is that the site be not only flat, but level as well.

Our building sizes range from 2′ by 3′ dog houses up to 16′ by 40′ ranch style buildings. Shed sizes in stock begin at 6′ x 8′. Barn style buildings (with 4′ sides) are available up to 10′ wide, lofted barns up to 14′ wide, and ranch style buildings up to 16′ wide.

Standard wall heights vary; ask us for details. Taller than standard walls are also available.

Our shingles carry a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty, and we use Sherwin Williams lifetime paint.  We stand behind our buildings, and we tell everyone the same thing—If you have a problem with one of our buildings, call us.  We’ll do whatever is reasonable to be sure that your issue is resolved and you’re satisfied.

Yes, we move buildings! We move your existing portable shed, regardless of manufacturer or limited access. Whether your building needs a shed mule or a crane to reach the site, we can load that building and move it with care to its new location. Buildings must be empty prior to loading and moving.

Building relocations must be individually quoted.

Yes, we match paint, stucco, and stain colors, as well as style requirements specified by subdivision covenants or local zoning authorities. We offer numerous styles of siding, both shingle and metal roofing, insulation and interior finishing, electrical wiring, door and window options, shelving, and more. If you need special or unique features, or have ideas you’d like to turn into realities, we can make it happen.

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